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Broccoli is the perfect introductory experience for anyone who has not smoked cannabis before and is curious about how it feels. Designed to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible, the joints enclosed contain a carefully calculated, precise dosage of cannabis to ensure the most pleasurable feeling possible. Additionally, the cannabis used comes from certified, organic growers right here in California. 


Many people are curious about cannabis and want to try it, however; they don’t know where to start. Broccoli makes it easy to try and clears up any confusion you may have. On the inner packaging, it explains that there are three types of cannabis, and each of them have unique properties that contribute to your experience.


Some people may be skeptical about cannabis and sensitive around the topic. Broccoli presents cannabis in a new way; It’s easy to approach and doesn’t resemble traditional tropes, symbols, or colors associated with the plant. The packaging is also eco-friendly, being made of completely compostable materials. If you decide that cannabis is not for you, throwing away the packaging is completely guilt-free. 

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